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Backflow Preventers in Pensacola

Backflow preventers play an important part in keeping the connection between a building’s fire protection system and its water supply safe. A backflow device is designed with the goal of keeping the flow of water within the fire sprinkler system going in only one direction: from the water main to the system’s pipes. This kind of functionality is key when it comes to preventing any potential contamination risks that come from the fire sprinkler system reversing its flow and carrying hazardous material back into the public water supply.

The regulation of backflow testing

The regulation of backflow testing is now governed by local plumbing codes, which usually means mandated annual testing. Although, it can be more frequent in certain areas. These tests last between 15 to 30 minutes on average and involve simulated attempts to induce backflow under controlled conditions to assess the functioning of the device. If water escapes during the test, immediate repair or replacement will need to happen, whether it’s a simple gasket or more extensive valves.
It’s important to always call on qualified professionals for the installation and testing of backflow preventers. An improper installation can lead to premature failure, while bad testing procedures can damage the assemblies.

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