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Drain De-Clogging and Cleaning

Professional Drain De-Clogging in Pensacola

The team at Anytime Plumber can help with blockages in showers, tubs, toilets, sinks, and floor drains. The blockage may be caused by material buildup, deposits, or pipe corrosion. Instead of using expensive and harmful cleaners, our plumbers can investigate the issue. We also specialize in removing foreign objects, such as when a toddler decides to take a bath in your shower and shoves her washrag down the drain. We’re just a phone call away!

How Often Do Drains Need to Be Cleaned?

The frequency of drain cleaning depends on the type and age of the pipes in your home, as well as the amount of use they get. Generally speaking, it is recommended that homeowners have their drains professionally cleaned every two years or so. This ensures that any debris or build-up is removed from the pipes before it becomes a problem. Additionally, professional drain cleaning can help identify potential issues with your drainage system before they become serious problems requiring costly repairs or replacements.

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